Wormley and Turnford Family Fun Run

What a great pleasure it was to see more than a hundred people gathering at the Community Centre on Sunday afternoon. Amongst them, sixty runners - participants in the much anticipated Fun Run that was being staged for the first in the Wormley and Turnford Big Local neighbourhood.

As well as runners there were plenty of supporters and people who had been involved in organising this lovely afternoon -  from mapping out the route, serving refreshments and manning the BBQ to opening the bar and arranging the awards ceremony complete with medals and guests to make the presentations - every detail had been considered. Even the weather seemed to have been planned to perfection and the result was a fantastic family atmosphere and a great community success. Enormous thanks to involved in organising either ahead of time or on the day. The Fun Run was a collaboration between WTBL  and Wormley Runners,  and raised £353.80 for a local MS Group.

A special mention must go to one of our youngest participants, Julia, who was 10 the day after the event. She had decided to celebrate her birthday by inviting her friends to take part in the race, and use it as an opportunity to show her commitment to the community and her intention to make a difference. What an inspiring story! We did not forget to sing her a happy birthday though!

What else made the race so special?  It was so encouraging to see the whole families running together. It was fantastic to see people walking and  enjoying the beautiful setting of the Lea Valley Park. It was particularly lovely to see such a large group of children taking part. The Fun Run provided opportunities to meet several of the key objectives set out in  WTBL's  Local Plan: promoting healthy lifestyles, enhancing community cohesion and enabling us to explore local parks and open spaces.


We can take a lot from our first Wormley and Turnford Family Fun Run and I am convinced that our next run will be even more successful.

Michal Siewniak

Community Development Manager

Wormley and Turnford Big Local

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