Plan Review – Autumn 2018


Big Local Community Plan

Every couple of years, each Big Local area has to produce a ‘Community Plan’ and for WTBL the latest plan will need to be submitted this autumn. This is a really important part of the process which will help to define the journey and future plans of the Wormley and Turnford Big Local. A consultant has been employed to undertake this task but (as always!) local residents will be a key part of the decision making process. Please get in touch if you have any questions or if you want to get involved.

 On October 16th WTBL invited residents to a consultation event at Hertford Regional College

A fantastic venue, great hospitality and a lovely reception made such a wonderful impact on all those who attended the Wormley and Turnford Make Your Voices Heard Event. Tea, coffee and delicious cake helped to make the whole evening so much nicer! We are very grateful to the Hertford Regional College for hosting and we hope that our partnership with the College will develop further in the future.

Our sessions went very well and were attended by 15 people, who were mostly from Turnford, but with some from Cheshunt too. There were 4 residents who hadn’t heard about the Big Local so it was really nice to talk to them about our project. One of them is keen to be involved in setting up a health walk for Turnford residents.

 The presentation on ‘The People, Power and Parliament’ was fascinating and very informative. This session was led by Sky Yarlett who works for the Houses of Parliament Outreach Services. We all learnt a lot: what the UK Parliament is; what it does; the difference between the Parliament and Government as well as roles of MPs (Members of Parliament) and Lords. We particularly enjoyed learning about how we ALL can influence our MPs and Parliament. Apart from being educational, our event was a great opportunity to network and intensify the dialogue between institutions and communities. We hoped that it helped to build a platform for "community activism”.

This event also provided an excellent opportunity to find out what has happened so far on the Wormley and Turnford Big Local project and help to guide the next steps. As the project entered its ‘consultation phase’, we shared a short survey amongst all participants. Gathering data and ‘community intelligence’ is so important in terms of informing and defining the key project priorities. Our consultation phase will last 4 weeks and we hope to reach out to many local groups and individuals.

After the event one of the local residents, Aisha Munro Collins, said:

I really enjoyed the Make your Voices Heard talk! I found it so informative. It gave me a clearer understanding about how the Houses of Parliament works. I have always been interested in politics and it was great to found out ‘who does what and why’. I now know that I want to make a change whether small or big. So maybe I might stand in local elections or apply for a job within the Houses of Parliament. I'm a firm believer there is no point complaining for too long and to see what I can do to help to enforce change.

Michal Siewniak, Community Development Manager for Wormley and Turnford concluded:

 I am delighted that this event took place. I am really pleased that feedback received was so positive and we hope to organise a similar event in the future. Our next ‘civic adventure’ is the trip to the Houses of Parliament to mark the ‘Parliament Week’ and we hope that this educational outing will be equally informative and inspiring!