Pop-Up Cinema



Autumn 2018 Movies

Showing on the First Friday of each Month at Wormley Free Church.

The Incredibles - Sept 7th

Submarine - Oct 5th

Hugo - Nov 2nd

Tickets are £3 each, or 4 for £10, and are available on the night at Wormley Free Church. The doors will open at 7pm for a 7.30 start.


 Grease at Wormley and Turnford Pavilion Cinema

The cinema pops-up for a second time on Friday June 2nd when Grease is the movie of the month! Tickets are £3 each, or 4 for £10, and are available from the Hub or on the night at Wormley Free Church. The doors will open at 7pm for a 7.30 start.

Pop-Up Cinema Opening Night  - A Great Success!

The movies came to Wormley on Friday Night when the first Pop-Up Cinema venture took place. The screening of Back to the Future in conjunction with Wormley Free Church and The Pavilion was a memorable community event:

The Church was magically transformed for the night, darkened with a welcoming red glow and fairy lights. A very professional cinema  screen welcomed us to Wormley Pavilion Cinema. Over 40 people across all the age ranges arrived and, after claiming their bag of popcorn and cup of tea, selected bags of pick and mix from Kacey's Cakes stall. Everyone was encouraged to sign up their suggestions for films that they would like to be shown in the future. A brief introduction from Ben from the church, me (Noelle) from WTBL, and Connor and Rob from Pavilion, described how we had all worked in partnership to enable this event to come about. Then the lights went down and the film began. Eighties classic Back to the Future kept us all spellbound. There was spontaneous applause and, as the lights came back up, excited clusters of people began chatting about what a fantastic evening it had been. On their way out everyone was encouraged to vote for a film from those that had been suggested earlier in the evening to be shown at the next event.  The film Grease won the most votes so this will be screened on Friday June 2nd June - don't miss it! 


Coming Soon...

WTBL are working with Wormley Free Church and The Pavilion to bring the movies to the heart of our community! Pop-Up Cinema  events will begin with a screening of Back to the Future on April 28th in Wormley Free Church, Slipe Lane, and are then planned to continue on the first Friday evening of each month from June.

Tickets are available in advance from the Hub or at the church. They will also be available on the door from 7pm on Friday 28th April. The cost is £3 per ticket - or bring some friends and take advantage of the 4 for £10 offer! Tickets include a drink and popcorn. The show begins at 7.45pm

WTBL plans to open a voting system for future cinema shows, so that you will be able to select the featured film. Suggestions for special screenings adapted for particular needs have also been noted and will be looked into once the events are up and running.

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