Tender for Third Plan

Invitation to Tender for the Third Plan

Wormley & Turnford is a ward in the borough of Broxbourne in Hertfordshire with a population of approximately 11,500. It has been awarded £1 million from the BIG Lottery Fund (through the Local Trust) as part of the Big Local programme. The community set up a residents group known as the Wormley & Turnford Big Local Partnership, and has spent the last four years working with the local community to support their visions and priorities for the future. The WTBL Partnership is supported by its Local Trusted Organisation, the CVS for Broxbourne and East Herts

Evidence from a variety of sources, including widespread community consultation now needs to refresh/renew their Big Local Plan, identifying the area’s main objectives and resources. The Plan will set out how the community will continue to invest to achieve the changes the community wants to see over the remaining period of the Big Local Programme and beyond. See further guidance that can be found on the Local Trust Website, including the criteria for what makes a successful Plan here: http://localtrust.org.uk/library/programme-guidance/big-local-partnerships/

Please download all the information and application details here