Voting Options

Which project would you prioritise?

Currently, there are three projects which WTBL are considering for the local area. Residents are able to vote for their favourite - or suggest another idea - by putting a token in the relevant pot. The voting pots are at the hub, but also travel with the WTBL stand to events like the B3Living Residents day at Paradise Park.

The four options are based around:

  • Transport
  • Community Buildings
  • Outdoor Gyms
  • Any Other Ideas?


Residents have identified this as an area of concern because:

  • Most of the Wormley and Turnford residential areas are a reasonable walk from the local bus stop
  • Local doctors surgeries and other amenities are a walk from a bus stop
  • Services are predominantly located in Hoddesdon and Cheshunt/Waltham Cross

This option looks to investigate the possibility of instigating a circular minibus route around the estates taking in local services, Doctors practices, stations or other areas that residents suggest.


Residents have identified this as a possible area of spending because:

  • There is a lack of easily rentable space within the area for both individuals and organisations
  • There is a lack of service provision within the area not helped by lack of community space
  • The Wormley Community Centre in Fairfield Drive is under used and urgently in need of a facelift. Over half of this building was used by the NHS who have now pulled out.

This option would investigate, with all interested parties, the opportunities around introducing new services. These could include things such as a café, bookable work areas and other ideas.


Residents have identified this as a possible area of spending because:

  • WTBL has done some initial work looking at where Outdoor gym equipment could be located and how it could be used.
  • This involved talking to local neighbours and the land owners but to date nothing has been taken forward.

This option would take this forward by working with local residents to find suitable locations, discussing and resolving concerns raised locally. We would also want to put in place training schemes, maintenance agreements for litter picking/grass cutting etc.


If you don’t like the other 3 Options, what would YOU like to see tackled in the W&T area?