HABS Holiday Activity Days

We are delighted to support Hoddesdon and Broxbourne Settings Family Support Team with a grant which has allowed HABS to offer children from our area some special activity days over the Easter School break. The days included Fun Dancing Days where children learned to combine a range of dance styles, and Wild in the Woods where den building and bug hunting was followed up by firebuilding and marsh mallow toasting!

It was great to receive letters from some of the families who were able to take up this opportunity, including these from Kayleigh and Zadie.

Find out more about the support that HABS can offer at their website.


Grow It, Cook It, Share It

at High Trees Children’s Centre

The Grow It, Cook It, Share It project is now under way, running on Monday afternoons in the newly created growing area at High Trees Children’s Centre on the HRC Turnford campus.

The project introduces local families to learn how they can grow their own fruit and vegetables.  Not only will we be able to grow things in the Children’s Centre area, but we will also learn how to grow at home – however small the available space is!  Once the fruit and vegetables are ready to be harvested, we will use them in exciting healthy dishes for the whole family to enjoy.

Adults and children looked at pictures of fruit and veg and everyone decided the sort of things we would like to grow. In the first week we planted strawberry plants.  The families have been given a small diary and each week will record their activities, which along with photos will give us a lovely record of the progress, both at the centre and whatever we have growing at home.

In the second week we learnt how to create a line in order to plant seeds. We planted salad leaves, carrots and nasturtiums. Everybody also did some weeding and in the break there was a chance to do some strawberry tasting!

Everyone is having a great time seeing our little fruit and vegetable plot develop and grow and at the same time trying out different foods each week.