The Plan

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If you would like to see the full Wormley and Turnford Community Plan, click here to download it in PDF format.

In 2016, having evaluated the progress of the Community Plan, the partnership developed a Simple Delivery Plan - to redefine the WTBL vision and review priorities in the light of the feedback gathered. Click here to download it as a PDF.

Our next review took place in 2018 and a full plan for 2019 - 2021 was drawn up click here to download the PDF version.

Wormley and Turnford has won the lottery!

Over the past couple of years, local residents have got together to launch Wormley and Turnford Big Local. We all believe in our community and want it to flourish, so we’ve worked very hard to apply for Big Lottery funding. After consultation with local residents, we submitted our community plan and are delighted to say that it’s been successful. Over the next ten years, we’ll be given a massive one million pounds!

The money will be released in cycles, assuming our future plans are also approved. For this to happen, we have to prove that residents, groups and our partner organisations have all worked together to spend the cash effectively in the community. We’re confident that, with the hard work and enthusiasm that’s already gone into the project, we have the experience and motivation to make this project very successful.

The Plan

Here at the Wormley and Turnford Big Local, we’re very proud of our Big Plan! We’ve identified seven elements which will help us bring the residents of Wormley and Turnford together to create a community. We aim to make this happen by:

Community Cohesion and Involvement

  • Giving local people opportunities to build friendships and engender neighbourliness in order to add a sense of pride in our community

Community Facilities

  • Finding accessible, affordable places to hold meetings, clubs and groups. We’ll also help with ways to get better access to Council facilities, including leisure and sports venues.

Children, Young People and Families

  • Ensuring good quality facilities and activities to give children somewhere safe to play and teenagers somewhere to go.
  • Supporting both the unemployed and unpaid carers to help them feel less isolated.

Access to services for older people and people with disabilities

  • Ensuring that older people and people with disabilities can be engaged and active in the local community.

Awareness of Countryside and Open Spaces

  • Getting better access to the Lee Valley Regional Park, playing fields and woodlands so everyone can enjoy them to the full.

Social Investment and Financial Exclusion

  • Providing low cost loans to local start-ups in order to help those who might want to start a small enterprise but cannot get access to affordable finance.

Healthy Lifestyles

  • Promoting healthier lifestyles, for example by the development of allotments and helping people improve their cooking skills.